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TENDERNESS, Tom Butcher’s newest release as ORQID. Packaged as a gorgeous 12”marbled vinyl with hot pink, lavender, and periwinkle hints as well as lavish CD Digipak, the six tracks on TENDERNESS combine solid synthesis and cool craftsmanship with a lavish sensuousness. On “Tenderness,” the title track of his new EP, Butcher delivers a disarming call for open-hearted vulnerability over a slick, R&B-informed groove. “Our Love,” meanwhile, takes cues from both disco and dub, inhabiting a sweaty nightclub shot through with rose-colored light. The rest of the EP is a spacious journey through four instrumen- tal tracks: the lofty, searing kosmische of “Ritual,” the pulsing bass and opalescent drone of “Melting Heart,” the chittering liquidity of “Analytica,” and the sweeping, portentous spirit bath of “Civilizations.”

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